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"To Lee and L & S Auto Collision Center staff:


I wanted to say a special thanks for the prompt and professional service you provided me with my Ford van. I was very impressed on how quickly you came out to my place of business, and installed a sound system that

exactly suited my needs.


As an Allstate agent, I've come across various types of establishments similar to yours, but none can compare to what your family owned company can provide. I am thrilled to know that Allstate uses your shop frequently for their customers' needs, and after my experience with you, I can see why.


Thanks a million,


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For collision repair and restoration that's both caring and professional, turn to L & S Collision Center.



Our company services valued clients, in six countries. We are international in scope. I have personally been to three continents.


Your work on my 'classic Mercedes' was outstanding! It was quality equipment, service, and workmanship in every sense of the word.


I do believe that your work, material, and personnel are the equal of any craftsmen, anywhere in the world.


In these days of poor quality and workmanship and planned obsolescence, there are still places like yours, where quality, workmanship, service, and courtesy still can be found.


My hearty congratulations and sincere gratitude to your fine organization and its personnel."

"Dear Peter:


This is a belated thank you for referring me to L & S Auto Collision Center to repair the work that the vandals did to my car. I agreed rather reluctantly, but they did an absolutely wonderful job.


As you might remember, there was extensive damage to the dash, as the radio was pried out. I appreciate the quality of work that they did, but also the fact that it took less time than originally estimated. Further, when I had a problem a few weeks later, they took care of the problem just as expeditiously and efficiently.


My only complaint is that they are not around the corner from work. I've concluded, though, that quality is worth the drive.


I congratulate Allstate for finding such quality people to do your work."

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"Dear Lee:


I can't begin to tell you how satisfied I was with L & S Auto Collision Center's and 20th Century Insurance Company's efforts to repair my auto. The entire process from calling in my claim to 20th Century Insurance Company to picking my car up from your repair shop was handled with complete professionalism. I will never again say anything negative about my insurance company, and if I ever need auto electrical or auto body work or can refer a client or friend to L & S Auto Collision Center, I will without hesitation. It's great to see two companies do such an excellent job."

"Dear Mr. Brown:


On April 11, 1996, I found that my 1987 Honda Accord had been vandalized while I was at work during the day. The car was locked and in a Beverly Hills gate-access parking structure but the left rear passenger window had been smashed, the tape deck stolen, the locked glove box jimmied and the contents stolen, the locked trunk latch inside the vehicle compartment smashed, and the trunk broken into. I was very upset.


I am very happy to tell you what supportive and prompt service I received at all phases of the repair. I called my claim in at 8:15 a.m. on April 12, 1996, and spoke with Elaine. She was very understanding and took all of my information over the phone and immediately checked with me to be sure the car was drivable and I was in no danger from any damage. She reassured me that the car would be repaired swiftly and presented me with several options. She promised that someone from the repair facility would call soon. I must confess that I had little faith in hearing from anyone by the end of the day.


Within five minutes, Jennifer from L & S Auto Collision Center in Van Nuys called me to set up an appointment at my convenience, not hers, to have the car examined. She gave me clear directions and assured me that all of the repairs would be handled at the one facility. I had anticipated that I would need to visit separate shops for the glass repair, tape deck installation, interior compartment damage, and outer door body work. Within moments of my arrival, Jennifer greeted me and Bob examined the car and gave me a summary of the projected work and the amount of time it would take to repair it. Bob was extremely thorough and even found damage on the lower dashboard that I had missed. He showed me that what I had believed to be major damage to the trunk closure was remedied after he reset the latch properly. Lee telephoned me over the next few business days to keep me up to date on the progress of my car. When I returned to pick my car up, Bob carefully went over the car with me again to ensure that all was in order and that I was satisfied with the work.


At their own cost L & S Auto Collision Center set me up in a rental car. Since I had relatives arriving that night from Boston and my car was trashed, I almost burst into tears of happiness at the relief I felt at the outstanding service I received at every step of the auto claim. Jimmy from Enterprise Rent-A-Car drove over, picked me up, and arranged for a rental car that would accommodate my arriving relatives and me. He was the most courteous and thoughtful car rental employee I have ever encountered in all of the years I have rented cars in various cities around the U.S.  


I see ads on TV for other car insurance companies all the time, and each time I receive my six-month invoice from 20th Century Insurance, I wonder whether I could save money by switching to some other company, since I have never had a collision claim or any comprehensive damage as extensive as that I suffered on April 11.


20th Century Insurance - I must tell you that all of the people who helped me in this traumatic matter were superb and reflected greatly on your company, although I understand that all but Elaine were contract vendors of 20th Century Insurance. Having a rental car all arranged for me, without my having to jump through hoops to get transportation, was a very stress-relieving thing for L & S Auto Collision Center to do and I am most appreciative of this service. I will recommend L & S Auto Collision Center to any of my friends who need auto work done.


Thank you to everyone who made this nightmare resolve for me in a happy way!


-- Your grateful customer"